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How much is your time worth to you?

Is managing your finances taking up too much of your time? Are you confused about HMRC forms and, therefore, worried about your compliance? Whether you’re employed, self-employed or you’re managing one property or five, your time IS money. So how much is it worth to you? To get your time back as well as that priceless peace of mind, we can take care of the financial drudgery so that you can get back to what you do best.

Complex (Full control)

For people with a more complicated tax position and a greater volume of papers to be managed! This package is ideal for professionals, Directors and/or wealthier retired individuals who wish to have full control and awareness of their finances. For these people, we help them to deal with and understand the complexity of their finances, and give them general advice on planning for income and capital taxes as well as passing over the admin.

Involved (Time back)

For people with more sources of income and slightly more involved. People who opt for this package usually don’t want to spend time (or don’t have the time) to collate papers and they want this taken off their hands. For example, retired individuals with numerous assets who need assistance particularly with increasing use of computers to keep track and file returns.

Standard (Peace of mind)

For people with relatively straight forward tax affairs who just want it dealt with by someone else (so they don’t have to bother with it). This package is ideal for individuals who are concerned with getting everything correct  and who may be struggling to cope with paperwork.

Pricing for Private Individuals

Complex / Full control

Starting from
£ 750 +VAT
  • Overseas rental income
  • Overseas investment income outside a portfolio
  • UK rental income more than 1 property
  • Partnership income
  • Income from more than one investment portfolio
  • Disposals of other assets or multiple share disposals
  • EIS / VCTs
  • Annual review meeting

Involved / Time back

Starting from
£ 525 +VAT
  • Income from self-employment with simple income and expenditure account provided
  • UK interest income up to 5 accounts
  • UK dividend income up to 10 companies
  • UK rental income 1 property
  • Share disposals in a portfolio up to 10 transactions
  • Share disposals outside a portfolio
  • Personal pension contributions
  • Year-end tax review

Standard / Peace of mind

Starting from
£ 325 +VAT
  • UK employment or pensions paid via PAYE
  • UK interest income up to 5 accounts
  • UK dividend income up to 10 companies
  • Share disposals in a portfolio up to 10 transactions
  • Gift Aid

Important note: the above packages are for guidance only. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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"Simon has been ensuring my tax situation is efficient and up to date on all fronts for several years now. He is very generous with his time, and always responds speedily to any requests or questions. I also appreciate his honest and ethical approach to his clients' affairs. For someone like me with a chronic aversion to admin, this is a great service!"
Investor Relations Analyst
“I have known Simon Bell for many years. When I was a Consultant Risk Manager, and Chartered Accountant, working in the city, he advised on running my operation in the most tax-efficient way and continues to advise on tax-related issues now that I am retired.”
Gil Heathcote

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