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Unlike many general small accountancy firms, our bread and butter is our clients’ private tax affairs with a smattering of sole trader/limited company accounts.

Our commitment to you is:


Take the irritation out of doing your personal tax return and knowing what you can claim back or not.

As well as taking those big annoyances off your hands, we can help with all those other things that come with tax too such as “what can I claim for my rental property?” which pops up from time to time.


Reduce the financial burden

that comes with being a well-paid successful professional or of independent financial means.


Always be at the end of the phone and have time for you.

After all, we specialise in professionals including medical professionals, lawyers, surveyors, and authors who are often considered too small for bigger practices to care about. With us, you wouldn’t get shunted to the junior in the team to answer your queries.


Give you the peace of mind

that all the minutiae and many tax documents are going to be completed correctly and compiled on time. This means no more waking up in the middle of the night wondering whether you have submitted a return on time! Our clients tell us it’s the peace of mind we give them; that’s the reason they’ve stayed with us for over 10 years.


Decode what all the HMRC letters and forms are actually asking you.

We will fill these in on your behalf and if you wish, respond to all correspondence. We’ve had a lifetime of speaking HMRC’s language, so we won’t judge you, even if you think you should know what the correspondence is about.

About Simon Bell FCA CTA

For me, the best part of my role has always been about forming strong and personal client relationships. After 20 years in Big 4 firms, this was the catalyst for me to set up my own firm 15 years ago. Freed of the tyranny of the timesheet, I can now truly give the client service I want to the people I love dealing with i.e. well-paid professionals who may have a small limited company or are retired and of independent means.

With over 25 years in the world of tax, you can rest assured that I have seen pretty much everything and know which of the ethical tax loopholes are worth doing and which are just hearsay. With tax being tax, I don’t like to normally claim I can save you money – but that often is the case. 

For those who are wondering, I am a Chartered Tax Advisor and Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. This means that I am obliged (and dare I say it, enjoy) to keep my technical accounting and tax knowledge completely up-to-date. What my qualifications mean for you, is that you get real peace of mind that everything is being claimed for and that your finances are in good hands.

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