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Why worry about the tax, the time it takes or all the other little things in finance when we can do it for you?

How much would you pay for peace of mind?

Is financial administration the bane of your life? After all, you didn’t sign up for this. This is where we come in. We know that tax, HMRC stuff and accounts are pretty boring for most normal people. Luckily, we are not like normal people and actually enjoy this stuff so why not get your time back AND peace of mind by handing it over to us?


This service is for small professional service firm owners who want to grow their business but need to concentrate on their clients and staff rather than getting into the financial weeds of the business. Our hands-on support and regular reviews will keep you focused, and you’ll always only be one call away from help. In our reviews, we will make sure that everything is being done ‘properly’, in good time, but we’ll also identify opportunities for your business to improve.


This is for small professional service firm owners who want the peace of mind that the basics are being done and their accountant is always at the end of the telephone. After all, you have a growing business to run. We know you work hard and long hours, so with this package, you can rest easy that we are working hard to make sure you can extract the most amount of profit ethically from your business.


This is for new or very small professional service firm owners who just need the basic compliance tasks done, but someone they can email with queries and for advice. This service level will get you time back but also your year-end accounts, personal and business tax returns done.

Pricing for Businesses


Starting from
£ 395 +VAT per month
  • For businesses who want to expand even further and move up to the next level. To grow, businesses will need regular reviews to keep focussed as well as hands-on support and advice along the way. Here, businesses will need meetings with their accountant to review the accounts and identify any opportunities, as well as them only ever being a phone call away.
  • In addition to Classic:
  • Quarterly management reports & review
  • Annual tax meeting


Starting from
£ 275 +VAT per month
  • For growing businesses who need peace of mind that the basics are being dealt with while they focus on developing the business. Here, businesses will need their accountant at the end of a phone to help with any queries.
  • In addition to Basic:
  • VAT return review
  • 9-month tax review
  • Half-yearly management reports & review
  • Bookkeeping review


Starting from
£ 150 +VAT per month
  • For start-ups or small businesses who just need the annual compliance taken care of and for their accountant to be available via email to answer any queries.
  • Annual accounts
  • Corporation tax
  • Company confirmation statement
  • Quickbooks license
  • Receipt bank
  • Directors payroll (up to 2)
  • Quick queries on a fair usage basis

Important note: the above packages are for guidance only. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Additional services

“I would just like to say that Simon Bell (SJB & Co) has been the best accountant and Tax Advisor that I could have ever hoped for. Not only did he help me start my own self-employment business back in 2011 (and advised me all the way through the early stages in keeping my business and accounts/taxes on track), but since then and to date, Simon has saved my business in outgoings by advising that I am entitled to this scheme and that policy that is tailor-made to my business. Simon is and has been an absolute gentleman throughout and has always been on time with my accounts and tax returns at a very very good rate. It is a pleasure to have Simon as my accountant and I still am so in awe of his professionalism and up-to-the-minute advice.”
Paul Smethurst Courier Service
“Simon at SJB & Co has been my accountant for several years and I am constantly impressed by his depth of knowledge and professionalism. He shares information generously and takes the time to explain complex financial issues clearly and patiently. He is also likeable and approachable, meaning he is a pleasure to deal with. I have only ever been completely satisfied with the services provided and recommend him highly.”
Winnthinking People Development
Rebecca Winn ACC

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